Top best places to visit in Bangkok

Bangkok is a small city and growing with the modern times, the grandeur, and glory of its illustrious past still prevails. Whether it is dazzling temples, spectacular palaces, a world famous floating market, or colourful Chinatown, each of these famous places has an intriguing story to tell. 

Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw:  

The Palace and Wat command respect from all who have walked in their sacred grounds. Established in 1782 and was a home of Thai Kings, the Grand Palace have been attracting travellers with its beautiful structural designs and complicated details. Wat has sacred Buddha statue and carefully carved from a solitary block of bright green. 

The Temple of Dawn: 

This impressive tower is one of the most popular attractions in South East Asia. Built at the time of 19th century in the oldest Khmer style, the stupa displays complex flowery outline decked out in glassy ceramic is dramatic up close. Aside from its charm, the temple represents the origin of the Rattanakosin period. 

Floating market:   

The market offers you an authentic experience and touristic atmosphere. See dozens of rowboats equipped with fresh fruits, vegetables, or flowers. Visiting this floating market will be a great experience and you will be delighted with its picturesque environment. 


It is a colourful place packed with shops, stalls and eating corners. At the time of the festival like Chinese New Year and vegetarian, the celebration and spirit across the street can be seen like a grand. People do party, dance, and eat together.

Wat Pho:  

There are many things for travellers who visit the Old city, you have huge recline Buddha and traditional Thai massage. Wat Pho a wonderful set of murals, sculptures, and inscriptions that look into many topics, from fighting to astronomy to archaeology. The huge temple compound includes a scenery garden with stone statues, stupas decorated with glazed ceramic, a gift shop, and the college of habitual medicine.

Chao Phraya River: 

One of the best scenic parts, the riverside displays a regular changing view day and night. Water taxis ride gives you a great experience and beautiful backdrop of dazzling temples and lavishness hotels. The beautiful ambience and charming structures of stilt houses makes the waterways an amazing ride.

Chatuchak weekend Market:  

Popular among wholesalers and traders, the market is a landmark and listed in top best places to visit in Bangkok. Its huge size and a variety of collection can attract any shoppers. The market is home to a number of stalls. On weekend, more than thousands of visitors visit the market to enjoy the goods. 

Khao San Road: 

This is the most scenic market of Bangkok where travellers can find sleek clubs playing pop songs, assorted market stalls, cocktail bars, and food that suits to your appetite. It will be a breath-taking experience while roaming and discovering the attractive things.

All the above attractions are the Top best places to visit in Bangkok and offer you wonderful time to relax and enjoy your time. 


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