Things to Do in Manali

Situated at an altitude of 2050 meters, Manali, which is possibly the most famous hill station of India, is home to snow-capped Himalayan summits in the background and a restless river. The hill station of Manali, which has been featured in several Hindi movies and is a favorite among the filmmakers willing to recreate a Switzerland in their movies, offers its visitors the opportunity of enjoying hundreds of surprising things to do such as skiing, Paragliding, trekking, rafting or simply sitting and taking in the icy cool air. If you are willing to choose the option of Ladakh and Leh, you do it with Manali. Things to do in Manali are as follows:

Para Gliding and Zorbing

The Solang Valley in Manali, which has high altitude and open spaces, is the perfect place for Para Gliding. The green slopes of Solang Valley are suitable for the activity of Zorbing, which is made by rolling down a hill in a vast transparent plastic ball. At the same time, two people, who are willing to get the feeling of the world move round, can be strapped in a single ball. While doing this activity, adventurers shouldn’t worry about their safety because their instructor runs alongside.

Head to Rohtang Pass

In spite of being a treacherous route, Rohtang Pass, which is a hub of adventure activities like Para Gliding, trekking, skiing and so on besides connecting Manali to Ladakh and Leh, is the most preferred one among the tourists.

Take a Hot Sulfur Water Bath at Manikaran and Vashishth Village

Popular for their hot sulfur springs, Manikaran and Vashishth Village are a must visit for those who take the effort  to reach these high altitude spots.


Rafting in Manali in the icy cold waters of the river has its own importance apart from rafting in Rishikesh. The rapids of the strongest Beas River are suitable for a thrilling adventure of rafting. The month of June is the best time to take the enjoyment of white water rafting in Manali.

Hang out in Kasaul
Situated beside the river Parvati, Kasaul, which is lined up with small shops, cafes and restaurants serving delicious food like Old Manali, is a pretty & small settlement. The Evergreen restaurant of this place is a nice cozy place to take candlelight dinner.

Get Tattooed in Old Manali

Enriched with tattoo parlors and quaint cafes, Old Manali is the best place for getting a tattoo. If you are high enough, you can have a tattoo while sitting in a café, listening to some nice live music.


If you love trekking, Manali is best for this. One of the most famous trek is the Hampta Pass Trek. The trekking season in Manali begins in the month of April and continues till the month of October.

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