Celebrate this valentine day with a chocolaty smile

By Rahul Sharma - February 06, 2017

Someone among us has said that – “Love has no boundaries and it can happen without knocking your door”. Love is like a feeling, a smile that comes automatically after seeing someone whom you love, a sacrifice of everything and many more. The month of February has come, when the most awaited festival called “Valentine Day” is on the way. The festival is very famous not only in India, but also in all over the world. Lovers wait for whole year to welcome this much-awaited day, when they plan special for their beloved. The festival is celebrated for 7 days and each day brings new color, lots of happiness and most importantly abundance of love. Here I have suggested you the importance of these 7 days –

1. Rose Day

The romantic festival begins with Rose Day and lovers celebrate this day by exchanging a rose to their beloved. The first day of this beautiful week brings lots of enthusiasm and spirit among lovers who gives roses to their special one. Try to take out your beloved for a surprise date. On this day, the red color plays a major role and the whole world dip into the mesmeric environment.

2. Proposes Day

This is the second day of the festival, when a boy proposes to a girl. It is a little exciting but uncomfortable time for youngsters who plan to propose their GF or BF and pamper them with new gifts and flowers. They roam, eat and enjoy each other’s companionship.

3. Chocolate

The whole day is devoted to chocolates which everyone likes to have in the world. Chocolates or sweet deserts easily add charms, brings smile on your face and make you speak sweetly. Go ahead and buy lots of chocolates to pamper your soul mates. Gift her basket of chocolates to complete this day.  

4. Teddy Day 

Now this is the day to buy some cute and adorable teddies to your sweet hearts. We boys are familiar with the facts that girls are fond of teddy bears and many of them keep teddies in their bed rooms. Teddies are one of those things, which every girl adore even in her adult days. Go and get a teddy bear to make its own magic.

5. Promise Day

The day plays a vital role in a relationship and completing the promise is the second most major step to maintain a healthy relationship. Love is an absolute promise to a faulty person. Love comes with a long list of responsibilities, promises, commitments and many more. Making promises in your relationship and fulfilling them with extreme devotion and keeping the faith issue alive is truly significance.    

6. Kiss Day

This is the sixth day of the festival where lovers kiss to each other. This is the most well-known day, which every couple knows well and gets a chance to express their love with a sweet way. Express your emotions of love on this kiss day and turn this day into a romantic and unforgettable day.

7. Hug Day

This is a hug day celebrated just two days prior to the main event. This day gives you a valuable chance to express your unlimited love to your beloved with a warm and tight hug. It is just an expression of affection which shows love, care, affection and protection towards your love.   

8. Valentine’s Day

Initially the day comes which brings lots of significance in couple’s life. Many lovers express their love to their beloved on this special day and try to impress their partner. Lovers should find out some creative ideas to make their day memorable, which you can remember throughout your life.

There is a popular proverb that doesn’t wait to tell someone how much you love them, how much you care them. As when they go, no matter how loud you scream and cry, they will not listen you anymore. So, what are waiting for, just go ahead to make your valentine day memorable and we hope lovers are really ready with their creative ideas which presents their unlimited bond of love and affection to their partner. We at Sharp Holidays wish each and every in advance and expect this day brings lots of surprises in your life.

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