Apple Season in Full Bloom in Kullu-Manali

By Rahul Sharma - January 14, 2016

During the 1st quarter of the year, Kullu-Manali enjoys full bloom of apples. During the apple season, the apple growers are engaged with their crop of apples, waited for the year. During the farming, the process of plucking, grading, packing ultimately taking apples to the wholesale market of apple is performed. With the hope of obtaining an excellent price, some of the growers refer the apples to Delhi for selling. While some get satisfaction by selling them in the wholesale markets of the same locality.

Watch the Apple Orchards in Full Bloom in Kullu Manali

During the spring, when the roads are lined with the trees of apple and cherry in full bloom, Kullu-Manali is a must visit for you if you don’t love enjoying snow. While visiting the orchards of red apples and praising the bounty of nature, you can also get red apples, plums and several other fruits, that you can either relish on the spot or carry with you for the rest of your tour.

Apple Orchards in Himachal Pradesh Naggar Kullu-Manali

The orchards of apples are considered as one of the highlight points in Naggar Kullu. It is so because apples have the requirement of cold temperatures. Here, we get the chance of watching the apple trees, all of which are loaded with juicy fruits of apple, growing everywhere, as well as in every home. After the month of September, the apple fruits get prepared to be relished and are transported to every place and city in India and exported on the international level.

Besides providing a healing experience in the spiritual journey of the tourists, the visit to the Himachal Pradesh, the northern state of India, offers a bonus for the gardener in its visitors. During the apple season, Kullu-Manali, which is enriched with loads of colorful flowers everywhere growing like wild even in the snow capped mountains, looks like a place of fantasy and imagination. Because of the suitable climate, these plants and flowers grow in the hills and mountains in peace, freedom and without any care. Besides offering a scarce experience, the apple fruits on trees provides the chance of grabbing them (apple fruits).

If you also want to take the fine glimpse of apple season in full bloom in Kullu-Manali, you can get the chance by booking Kullu-Manali Tour Packages from Delhi. Kullu-Manali Holiday Packages, which are affordable to the budget of the tourists of Kullu-Manali, can also be customized as per the demand of the clients.

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