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Top 10 Places in India to Celebrate the Festival of Holi 2016

The festival of colors is going to be held in March and the whole country is waiting to paint themselves in red, yellow, green and purple. As the Holi excitement increases, we let you know about some destinations where you can celebrate the festival of Holi 2016 in unique ways.
1.Holi - Mumbai, Maharashtra

The city of Bollywood or movies! The city celebrates all festival with enthusiasm and prepares weeks before to celebrate the holy. Day before Holi, Shimga is celebrated to burn all evils. People play with colors and welcome the spring season. People in a very festive mood exchanges sweets and greets each other.
2.Holi - Braj Barsana, Uttar Pradesh

If want to see traditional Holi then visit Braj Barsana in Uttar Pradesh where they celebrate the ‘lathmaar Holi’. In this Holi, the women of Barsana beat up’ the men from the adjacent Nandgaon. Braj Barsana is considered as a birthplace of Lord Krishna’s consort Radha, and has a temple dedicated to her. The whole ‘colorful battle’ consist …